We have recently talked about our favourite 5 Italian Youtubers: now it is time to call on stage the Italian Web Series. What is the difference between Youtubers and Web Series? Elementary, Watson.

A web serie is the translation of the TV serie into the social network net language; in other words the scenes on the screen are merely fictional, while the Youtubers don’t have any script to follow and talk mostly about their real life.

Here our Italian Web Series Top 5 – enjoy!

5. Esami

Esami (“exams”) is a humor web serie that mocks at the Italian university world and gives some example of the stereotypes about students who belong to different faculties. Terribly true and funny!

4. Rugagiuffa

This hilarious web serie is completely filmed in Venice, Italy. It is about four friends who share a flat and brings on our screens the city on the lagoon from the real Venetians’point of view. They speak the Venetian dialect but don’t worry, Italian subtitles are available.

3. Klondike

The story of two creative young boys who struggle to make the ends meet in the metropolitan city of Milan: imaginative but lazy, slackers and indolent they want to reach the top without too much effort. Their adventures are self-critical and hilarious, have a look!

2. The Pills

The protagonist of this web serie are Luigi, Matteo and Luca, three friends sharing a flat in Rome. The Pills episodes are shot in black and white filter with a fixed camera: their politically incorrect stories are about different situations in a plausible but weird everyday life, with a strong black humor taste… They speak Roman dialect but English subtitles are available.

1. The Jackal

The Jackal web serie wants to mock at some Italian everyday life situations just as the Christmas dinner or what Italians think about the United States. Some of their funniest video are parodies of the well-known movie Gomorra or the candid cameras to unaware people in Naples.

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Rita Fabbri