What’s the Liberation Day celebrated in Italy on the 25th April?

The 25th April is an important date in Italy: it is the Liberation Day, which means the Anniversary of the Liberation, an Italian public holiday celebrated all over the country to commemorate the end of the nazi occupation of Italy on the 25th April 1945 thanks to the massive popular insurrection and the fight of the partisans against the nazi garrisons. The Liberation is the symbol of the Resistenza (Resistance), the big war of the Italians all united against a common enemy which lasted around two years.

The liberation ended 20 years of fascism and 5 years of war and opened the process which led to the national referendum to vote for monarchy or republic (2nd June 1946).

Nowadays the Liberation Day is a national holiday: if you are travelling to Italy in this period of the year, you will definitely take part in one of the several events that take place throughout the country and breathe the exciting atmosphere of that special day. For example you would come across one of the parades and official ceremonies (as the flag-hoisting ceremony) to commemorate the liberation of the country where people sing the famous song Bella Ciao in memory of those partisans who died for the freedom of their homeland.

In addition, each city in Italy organises a number of nice events for adults and children lasting a variable number of days: cultural and artistic performances, concerts, conferences and many more.

Let’s see the traditional events to join!

In Turin, the celebrations take around twenty days, with a rich cultural programme to fully understand and remember the importance of the Resistance but also to enjoy this day of holiday.

In Rome you should take part in the celebration in Piazza Venezia, where the President Mattarella puts down a laurel wreath at the Altare della Patria to commemorate that important day.

In Milan, after two years, finally the traditional parade will be back to normal and you will have the chance to join it!

And after these intense celebrations, people love spending time with family and friends in a park or having an outdoor lunch prepared with simple traditional food and some good drinks.

You are really spoilt for choice! Choose the most interesting event and enjoy the Liberation Day!


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picture by Giacomo Tonoli