It’s Spritz time!

The Spritz time is an Italian tradition getting more and more common in recent years, that makes the aperitif the most interesting moment of the day.

In a glamorous Milan and in the other major cities around Italy, many young people look for the various American bars around the city for this unforgettable ritual!

The Terrazza Aperol is an exclusive location that reflects the nature of the easy-going aperitif moment: a showcase for a lively, dynamic, eclectic audience in the heart of Milan. It is the heart of the offer and revolves around Aperol Spritz, a drink that has spread from Veneto to the rest of Italy. The terrace has a wide selection of cocktails and traditional soft drinks for those who prefer a light aperitif.

The aperitif concept has increasingly evolved into a real “eat and drink”. Nowadays, the majority of bars, with a small surcharge on the normal price of the drink, offers a rich buffet with tasty appetisers served with the Spritz.

So there are many places around the city offering, instead of heavy and boring dinners, a Spritz time to spend with work colleagues, friends, or even with family… So sit back and relax: the DJ is yet to came!

And if you are tired and don’t want to hear the noise of the city, you can prepare it at home with two simple steps and enjoy it right on your sofa!



This type of drink tastes very strong and aromatic, and it offers a hint of bitterness arising from Campari. You can make it in a balloon glass with 6/7 ice cubes… And now you can pour in the ingredients:

3/10 of sparking wine;

3/10 of sparkling water;

3/10 of Campari bitter.

And that’s it!! You can put a slice of orange or lemon, up to your taste.


It is definitely sweeter and more palatable to a charm woman. Aperol gives to this drink a balance that you can feel from the first sip! We can take our balloon glass and the same as before we put in 6/7 ice cubes… And than:

– 3/10 of sparkling wine;

– 3/10 of sparkling water;

– 3/10 of Aperol.

And now you just add a slice of orange! The Venetian way includes an olive in the glass.

And now, enjoy your spritz time!