Waiting for La Casa de Papel 4?

All the fan of the popular Spanish TV Serie can’t wait to watch La Casa de Papel 4, translated in English as “Money Heist”.

The new season will be released on the 3rd April 2020 on Netflix.

After the first 3 thrilling seasons, we are expecting something incredible to happen!

How did the third season go?

After the epic robber at the Royal Mint of Spain, the Professor and his gang run away and spent some time in paradisiac places around the world.

But when Rio got caught by the police, all the group decided to help him.

In order to save him, they planned another robbery at the Banco de España, the Bank of Spain.

Through many adventures, the Professor and his partner Lisbon, ex police inspector, negotiated the release of Rio but were intercepted by the police: while the Professor managed to hide on a tree, Lisbon was caught.

The police, aware of the big advantage gained, made the Professor believe that they had killed Lisbon.

However, the Professor didn’t surrender.

The war against the State had just begun.

What will season 4 be about?

After the war declaration of the Professor against the Government, anything can happen.

Even though the plot is kept secret, we are used to big twists.

First of all, it is not clear if Nairobi, one of the members of the robbers, is still alive as she was shot during the last episode of the third season.

And what about Lisbon and the Professor?

We can’t wait to see the new season!

Why don’t you try watching it in Spanish?

It would be even more fun!