Have you already watched La Casa De Papel?

La Casa De Papel is an incredibly popular Spanish TV Series, known in English as “Money Heist”.

Since its first season in 2017 it became a must-see.

The following two seasons have confirmed the great success of the first one and the fourth season is expected for 2020.

So how is this amazing series about?

It is about a perfectly planned robbery at the Royal Mint of Spain.

The person who is behind this robbery is called The Professor: he selects a group of 8 robbers to execute his plan and trains them thoroughly to make them able to foresee any problems and sort them out.

Each member of the gang is code-named after cities: Tokyo, Oslo, Berlino, Rio, Nairobi, Mosca, Denver and Helsinki.

During the robbery, they wear a red jumpsuit and the mask of Salvador Dalì.

Their goal is to print 2.4€ billion legally and escape through a tunnel.

In the background, a complex negotiation with Inspector Raquel Murillo takes places.

The sophisticated story and the very well developed characters make this TV series really innovative.

On top of the inventive plot, the series gets more and more intriguing as you discover the hidden motivation that drives The Professor and the secret stories of the characters.

Also, the rules of the game are broken quite early.

The robbers are not allowed to reveal their real name or to start a personal relationship with another member of the gang…but things go differently.

So if you haven’t watched it yet, we strongly recommend you to start as soon as possible.

And if you like, you can watch it in Spanish to practice the language!

You will definitely enjoy it!

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