Are you enjoying your language course at Happy Languages in London?

If you are attending a language course at Happy Languages in London or you are about to start, there are amazing news!

As you know, in the last four years we have been in an amazing office that we have enjoyed a lot.

But as the school grows and students show different needs, we decided to change something important.

So…from September we will be in a new lovely location!

If you are wondering why we are making this step forward…well, it is for you!

Over the years we have been collecting your precious feedback at the end of each course.

Your opinion matters for us!

This is why we have taken into consideration some essential points.

First of all, you expressed the need to have bigger rooms to move easily around during games and activities.

The classrooms layout is a very important aspect.

Even though the rooms we are using are gorgeous, we understand that having a big table in the centre is not ideal.

In our new location, rooms are thought for groups of learners, so the setting is perfect for our purpose.

In addition to that, the level of privacy will be higher as there are no interior glass walls.

Therefore concentrating on the lesson will be much easier!

And, last but not least, rooms are soundproofed so that you can’t hear noises from the rooms next to yours.

And there is also another good point!

It will be easy to access the building and move around without a badge, which is something you pointed out.

So we are pretty sure that this new location will be absolutely great!

Our new location will be at:

David Game College

31 Jewry Street

EC3N 2ET London

Ready for a new exciting term?