Do you want to learn how to speak Italian fluently?

If you want to learn how to speak Italian like a native, having classes with a professional tutor is essential: taking group courses or one-to-one lessons is the best way to build your linguistic competence and progress quickly towards your goal!

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Is that enough? Well…Becoming fluent in a language requires a massive effort and a constant commitment, which means a lot of practice whenever you have the opportunity.

So why don’t you start from a new word today?

Adding new words to your vocabulary and using them as much as possible is a great way to improve!

Our word of the week is “passeggiata”.

Passeggiata” is really the perfect word for this season! It means “walk” and comes from “passo“, which means “step” (in Latin “passus“).

In Italy going for a walk is very common, not only in the countryside or by the sea but also in the city centre: people normally walk along the main streets with family or friends during the weekend, it’s a sort of ritual!

learn how to speak italian like a native

Here you have some examples to have a look at!

Italian English
Oggi è una bellissima giornata, ti va di uscire a fare una passeggiata? Today is a beautiful day, do you want to go for a walk?
Ho appena finito di lavorare, usciamo per una passeggiata? I just finished working, are we going out for a walk?
Lo scorso fine settimana ho fatto una passeggiata in centro. Last weekend I went for a walk in the city centre.


So with a very simple sentence you can invite someone for a walk or tell what you did last weekend: “passeggiata” is such a useful word to learn!

And you? Do you often go for a walk?

Write some examples and share them with your classmates or Italian friends!


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