If you want to learn Italian in London, join us!

Despite the unusual situation of lockdown, it is still possible to learn Italian in London!

At the beginning of the lockdown, we moved our group courses online.

Since then, our students have met on Zoom every week for their Italian class.

It’s different from a face -to-face lesson in terms of setting, but lessons are structured in the same way.

It’s possible to do individual, pairs and groups activities, compare answers and ideas.

Therefore our students enjoyed their time learning Italian a lot!

So last week was the third one online, the last of each course.

What did our students do?

The last lesson is normally focused on a good revision of the main topics of the course.

All our Beginner students did a revision of the topics studied and practised the grammar topics, the structures and vocabulary learnt.

They did that through games, role plays, quiz, listening, videos and other fun activities.

These activities gave students the opportunity to refresh what they studied and think if they have further questions about them.

Also, they had the chance to learn new words and put them into practice.

So our term is over…what’s next?

Get ready for our new courses from the 20th April!

In the meantime, enjoy our online resources and keep learning!