While you learn the Italian language, it’s nice to discover some typical Italian traditions.

When you learn the Italian language, you might hear about the 25th April, Festa della Liberazione (Liberation Day).

In this day, Italians celebrate the liberation of Italy from the Nazi-fascism.

If you want to learn more about it, read this nice article.

If you are in Italy for this national holiday, let’s see how to spend it!

As it is a very important celebration, most Italian cities have an intense programme for the day.

In all the main cities, such as Roma, Firenze, Bologna, Bari and many more, there will be a parade and some ceremonies dedicated to the soldiers dead in war.

In Roma, after the official celebration, you can take part in music festivals and spend time in vintage markets.

That will give you the chance to enjoy your day in Roma a lot!

In Milano it is nice to visit the best museums and exhibitions.

Don’t miss the Palazzo Reale and the permanent exhibition at Museo del Novecento!

In Torino you will be spilt for choice: screenings, speeches, commemorations, exhibitions dedicated to the liberation of Italy.

Don’t miss the exceptional opening of the Museo diffuso della Resistenza: an unusual experience through many places of remembrance.

Will you spend the 25th April in Napoli?

After the official ceremony in Posillipo, you can choose among a number of amazing things to do.

For example you can take part in the Storia Festival: a number of events and conferences of important Italian historians to discover more about the Italian history and culture.

You won’t get bored: the Festa della Liberazione in Italy is not only a way to get an insight into the past and present of Italy, but also to enjoy it fully!

So where are you heading to?