When you learn the Italian language it is very important to choose a good textbook.

If you learn the Italian language at Happy Languages, we pay a lot of attention to the materials used during a course.

Every time we start a course, either in a group or one-to-one, we consider which textbook is better depending on a number of factors, for example student’s age, interests, nationalities and so on.

One of the best textbooks on the market for the B1 level is Bravissimo 3, published by Casa delle Lingue.

What are the main topics?

All the topics are very motivating for students: starting with a unit about friendship, students have the chance to talk about design, demonstrations, fairy tales, slow food, current affairs, sport and much more.

Being a task-based textbook, students develop their abilities in order to reach a specific goal at the end of each unit and do a task related to the unit’s content.

Which grammar does it introduce?

If you just completed the A2 level, you should have learnt quite a lot!

Similarly to other B1 textbooks, in Bravissimo 3 the main grammar topics are Trapassato Prossimo, Relative Pronouns, Congiuntivo Presente, Congiuntivo Passato, Congiuntivo Imperfetto, Passato Remoto, If Clauses (Reality and Possibility), Gerundio Presente.

And the book includes amazing extra materials as well!

For example, there is a section which sums up the main grammar topics for each unit and lovely section dedicated to the Italian culture.

In addition, every 2-3 units there are two pages about the preparation of international certifications of Italian as a foreign language, very useful to get confident with different tasks.

Students are encouraged to be aware of their learning progress, that is why the book contains a self assessment diary to use in order to evaluate their knowledge and skills.

It sounds great, don’t you think?