Have you decided to learn the Italian language for the Italian citizenship?

If you learn the Italian language to apply for the citizenship, you may know that you have to pass a recognised exam at a B1 level.

Read this article for some general information about the CILS B1 Cittadinanza, which is one of the valid exams to take.

As you might already have read, the exam is composed by 4 sections.

Each section tests a specific ability.

What does the Writing Section consist of?

After the Listening Section and the Reading and Use Of Italian Section, candidates start the Writing Section.

It includes only one task to be completed in 40 minutes.

Candidates can choose between two topics and have to write 80-120 words.

Normally they are required to write an email or a message about a specific topic.

What should you pay attention to?

Once you choose the topic, it is very important to plan your writing carefully.

The number of words required corresponds to a short text, but you must include the aspects required in the title.

Therefore if you outline the different parts of your text, including all the important points to be written, composing a well balanced text will be much easier.

What is the best strategy to get ready for this section?

Before the exam, practicing a number of tasks is very important to get more confident.

The best thing to do would be trying to write down texts about different topics.

Besides, it is essential to practice the formal and informal writing and get familiar with both.

Learning some standard expressions to start and end a formal/informal email or message would be extremely beneficial.

That would really help you save time during the exam.

It’s time to start your preparation!

Have a look at a sample paper following this link!


If you need to study towards the exam and you are not a Total Beginner, you should check your level with us and join the most appropriate course.