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Looking for a cool class to learn the Italian language?

If you want to learn the Italian language taking part in a great class, you can’t miss our FREE Conversation Class Christmas Edition on the 8th December.

As you probably know, Christmas in Italy is a very important festivity.

Families gather around a beautifully set table and spend some days eating, playing board games, chatting together.

People celebrate it respecting the most popular traditions and we believe it would be interesting for you to know more about them.

Also, some traditions might change depending on the specific region or city where you go.

Food is not the same everywhere as well!

There is such a huge variety of amazing recipes, tastes and customs!

So let’s talk about them at our Conversation Class!

The class will last one hour and will be based on conversation only.

As it is a mixed levels class, you do not need to worry about how fluent you are.

You will have the chance to speak only in Italian, share your knowledge and experience, learn new things about Christmas and improve your vocabulary.

Finding out curiosities about this celebration will make you discover more about the Italian culture and customs.

When you learn the Italian language, this kind of opportunities are precious!

But it is not just about speaking!

Christmas in Italy turns around lovely traditional food, expecially cakes and sweets that people eat from the 8th December to the 6th January.

Well, after your class you will taste the best Italian Christmas treats: Panettone, pandoro and other fantastic sweets, traditionally accompanied by a good glass of Prosecco!

And if you want to spend an Italian style Christmas this year, you can buy all these products here.

Have a look at how our Conversation Class Christmas Edition went last year following this link.

It looks amazing, doesn’t it?

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