Do you want to learn the Italian language in London at Elementary level?

You can learn the Italian language at Happy Languages from the last week of January.

After the Christmas break, we will be back with all our evening courses.

You can choose the course which suits you the best and ask us advice if you need.

If you have already studied Italian for around 75 hours, have a look at our Elementary 3 course!

This course completes the A2 level, according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages).

As the previous two courses are very dense and based on a high number of new important topics, the Elementary 3 course is structured as a useful revision of all the main topics studied so far.

The topics we will work on are: Passato Prossimo and Imperfetto, Condizionale Presente, Imperativo Formale e Informale, Futuro Semplice, Pronomi Diretti e Indiretti and more.

How will we revise all these topics?

During the course you will have the chance to use all these tenses and grammar topics in different contexts.

We will read many authentic newspaper articles and other interesting texts and listen to real conversations.

Also, we will talk about topics related to free time, holidays, current affairs, recent news.

It will be really interesting!

Obviously we will also add some new topics related to what we will revise.

Your vocabulary will expand a lot and you will also learn some lovely Italian idioms to use.

So this course will definitely make the difference: your competence in Italian will considerably enhance!

Do you like the idea?

We bet you can’t wait to start the course!