Do you want to learn the Italian language at Intermediate level?

If you are looking for a course to learn the Italian language, have a look at our offer!

We have three courses at Intermediate level starting from the last week of January.

We split this level (which is called B1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for languages) in three parts, 15 hours lesson each.

You can choose the course that suits you the best going through the topics included.

If you already attended about 120 hours of Italian classes, the Intermediate 3 should be the one for you!

The course will start from the 28th January: you will have lesson once per week from 7 pm to 8.30 pm for ten weeks.

What will you learn?

At this level, you will spend quite a lot of time speaking Italian about interesting topics.

Most texts you will read are taken from newspapers and magazines, so you will learn a lot about the Italian culture and current affairs.

This will give you the chance to compare some aspects of Italy to your country or the country where you live.

Sharing opinions and ideas with your classmates will be the core of the course!

In terms of grammar, you will work on Congiuntivo Imperfetto and Periodo Ipotetico della Possibilità.

Also, you will learn how to use the Relative Pronouns cui and quale.

And then you will go through some uses of the Past Participle and study the Gerundio Presente and Passato.

Who will teach your course?

All our teachers are highly qualified and constantly trained in order to keep great standards.

They will be able to choose the best materials and fun activities to make you practise.

Also, they will be always happy to help you with your homework and support you through the course.

It will be an amazing experience!

So it’s time to register for the course, we are waiting for you!