Have you considered spending some time in Italy to learn the Italian language?

If you want to learn the Italian language, a trip to Italy is always ideal!

There are a number of great options to enjoy some time in one of your favourite places in Italy while studying the language.

Most schools in Italy offer some packages including a language course and some lovely activities to discover the local life and some typical traditions.

Why would it be ideal for you?

First of all, studying Italian in Italy even for a short time is a fantastic experience.

You are literally immerse in the Italian language and you have to use it even for simple things as order in a bar or buy something in a shop.

In addition to that, you discover something about the local culture: schools normally plan some little tours and activities for the afternoon or evening.

That is how you end up in typical restaurants or take part in a local festival: this is the real Italy!

What’s the advantage?

You would study Italian as your main commitment and dedicate all your time to it. 

That would really make this experience unique!

Your progress would be much quicker as you wouldn’t be able to speak English with everybody, so you would make a great effort to interact in Italian.

This will really make the difference!

Ready to plan a period in Italy to learn the Italian language?

Have a look at what we offer in Belvedere, Morano Calabro, Cefalù, Taormina, Verona, Cagliari, Roma.

It will be an unforgettable experience!