Do you know someone who wants to learn the Italian language?

If a friend or family member wants to learn the Italian language or already started studying, we have the perfect Christmas gift to make them happy!

Probably you havent’t realised how close Christmas is: well, it is time to buy some lovely gifts and try to surprise our beloved.

And if someone you know is studying a language, there is nothing better than our Christmas Vouchers.

What is the difference between the two vouchers?

The first voucher is an Italian evening course: this means a course which takes place once per week for 10 weeks from 7 to 8.30pm.

This voucher is ideal if the student is busy all day but has some time in the evening to attend the class.

The second voucher consists of 5 one-to-one lessons of 90 minutes each: in this case the student will arrange lessons depending on his availability, which can be very convenient for people who can’t commit to a regular course.

Either way, you will buy the best gift ever!

How can you buy it?

It is very easy: just click the button below, buy the voucher and then contact us to give us your name and your friend’s name.

Once we have that information we can personalise the voucher and send it to the student.

Evening Course Voucher Private Lessons Voucher

Do you need to choose a level?

Don’t worry, for group courses the student’s level will be assessed in advance to make sure that the class will be the right one!

For private tuition the level will be assessed directly with the teacher, who will tailor the course on the student’s needs and specific requests.

When can the student start once he receives the voucher?

If you buy the evening course voucher, new courses will start from the 24th January 2022.

In case you prefer to buy the second voucher, one-to-one lessons can start at any time, so the student just has to arrange them with us.

Isn’t it a fantastic Christmas gift?

We are pretty sure that your beloved will be so excited about it!