It’s time to learn Italian online!

Our students who decided to learn Italian online just started their new term: from the 21st September, all our Italian courses are back!

Due to the very uncertain situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to continue teaching online to keep our students and staff safe.

Since March we have been delivering our courses through Zoom and this has been our 21st week online!

So let’s discover how our courses began!

Beginner 1. Starting from the very beginning, our students went through formal and informal greetings and practised how to introduce themselves. Good start!

Beginner 3. After dreaming a bit about amazing Italian holiday destinations, our lovely group started learning the Passato Prossimo. Well done!

Elementary 1. A lovely lesson about family: students learnt a lot of useful vocabulary and the Possessives to talk about family relationships. So useful!

Elementary 2. An interesting class about the Present Conditional: our students imagined a specific type of holiday and tried to figure out how the ideal travel buddy should be. It was really fun!

Intermediate 2. Nowadays information runs through a number of different media: our students talked about what media they like to use the most. Fantastic!

Advanced 4. Our group learnt some very funny expressions to exaggerate or minimize a situation and then they talked about an embarrassing gaffe they made. So amusing!

So the first week of the new term was plenty of amazing things to learn!

Waiting for the next class, have a look at our online resources to practise!