Learn Italian words to expand your vocabulary!

If you want to learn Italian words to add to your vocabulary, you can select one word per week and use it as much as possible.

Either if you take it from a book, a video, a movie or you pick words related to a specific festivity or period of the year, it will be fun!

Learning words doesn’t just mean memorise them: you have to make a huge effort to use them in your everyday conversation with family, partner and friends.

As Easter approaches, we chose an important Italian word to learn related to this festivity!

Our word of the week is “colomba”!

In Italian, “colomba” means “dove”: it’s one of the most important symbols of Easter as it means peace and salvation.

The word comes from the Latin “colŭmba”, which derives from the Greek “κόλυμβος”, “grey”.

However, if we say this word Italians might think of something else: “colomba” is also the name of the most popular Italian Easter sweet, which is dove shaped.

learn Italian words every week

Here you have some examples.

Italian English
La colomba è un simbolo della Pasqua. The dove is a symbol of Easter.
Per Pasqua ho preparato un dolce italiano tradizionale, la colomba: l’hai mai provato? For Easter I made a traditional Italian sweet, the “colomba”: have you ever tried it?
La colomba è un volatile, appartiene alla stessa famiglia dei piccioni. The dove is a bird, it belongs to the same family of pigeons.

You can try to make sentences with the word “colomba” now!

And considering that Easter is just around the corner, you will definitely have chances to use it either way.

If you want to learn more about the Italian language, follow this link.

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