Do you want to learn Spanish in London?

If you are at a A2 level and still want to learn Spanish in London, at Happy Languages you can progress quickly and have fun!

As you have already studied Spanish, you know how important textbooks and other materials are to support and motivate you.

In fact, if you use materials that don’t attract your attention or don’t interest you, learning a language might be really hard.

At Happy Languages, we carefully select materials depending on a number of factors.

Students’level, age, interests, type of motivation are only some of them.

We can’t adopt the same book for every class!

Also, each teacher makes specific considerations related to the class and some peculiar needs that may come up.

The A2 level, also called Elementary, is structured according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Since it is a challenging level, quite rich in terms of grammar, vocabulary and communication contents, choosing the right textbook is crucial.

One of the books you might use at Happy Languages is Aula Internacional 2.

What are its main features?

This is a modern, communication-oriented textbook.

In each unit, starting from a text, students can explore the language and learn how it works.

Depending on the unit’s contents, students can practice them through a number of activities, all related to real life experiences.

Another important section is dedicated to the culture of Spanish speaking countries, so that students can better understand their customs and appreciate their traditions.

In addition, the book includes homework and grammar sections.

You can check the book contents here.

So you can learn Spanish in London in a very enjoyable way!

And if you want to revise some topics before or during your course, you can have a look at our fantastic online resources!