Do you want to learn Spanish in London and move to the next level?

If you want to learn Spanish in London and you already studied the basics, our Evening Beginner 2 Course is the perfect one for you!

This level is exactly what you need after the foundations: a course to revise and practice what you learnt before while progressing towards the acquisition of new contents.

How is the course structured?

As for other courses at Happy Languages, the Evening Beginner 2 course normally lasts 10 weeks, 1 hour and a half per week for a total of 15 hours.

What will you learn?

You will start revising the verb “to have” and practice talking about age and possession. You will also learn some useful idiomatic expressions with this verb.

Then you will study possessives and learn how to talk about your family.

You will go through the vocabulary related to the body and start making descriptions using “Ser” and “Tener”.

In addition, you will learn how to talk about the weather using the verb “to do, to make” and some specific expressions.

Studying the verb “to go” will give you the chance to use it not only to express movement but also to make future plans.

Then you will learn how to order in a restaurant, make comparisons between things and asking for directions in a new city.

As you can see, the contents of the course are a lot and you will progress so quickly!

Who will hold the course?

Our teachers are all Spanish natives who qualified to teach Spanish to foreigners and got relevant certifications to do that. They will be able to guide you through the language and culture and make you enjoy every single class, balancing the activities and planning nice games and role-plays to practice all the topics.

Where will you have your classes?

The course takes place at our amazing venue, the Aldgate Tower: very close to the City and easy to reach from any part of London by tube, overground or bus.

In our cosy office you can relax, grab a cup of tea or coffee and have a nice chat with your teacher and classmates before  the class starts: a great way to enjoy it even more!

Can’t wait to learn Spanish in London at Happy Languages? Watch some video tutorials on our Youtube Channel to get in the mood!