Are you thinking of a Christmas gift for a friend who wants to learn Spanish in London?

If your partner or a friend wants to learn Spanish in London, one of our Christmas vouchers would be much appreciated!

Such a specific interest can really help you choose a great gift this year: sometimes is very hard to find something different from the same old books, scarfs or clothes.

Well, a Spanish course would be fantastic!

We offer two different vouchers: how can you choose?

The first voucher is a Spanish evening course, the second 5 private lessons of 1 hour and a half each.

The evening course lasts 10 weeks, 1 hour and a half per week from 7 to 8.30pm.

Once you buy it, the student can start his course next term, from the 24th January 2022.

The time is very convenient for those who can commit to a regular course.

The 5 one-to-one tuitions are more flexible in terms of location and time.

In fact, the student can start when he prefers and arrange a specific day and time.

Also, he can ask to have lesson in the most convenient location: at home, office or in a public place.

That is why private lessons are perfect for people who are extremely busy or don’t have fixed work hours.

How does it work?

Once you choose the type of voucher, you can buy it clicking the button below.

Then send us an email with your name and the student’s name so that we will be able to personalise the voucher and send it to your friend.

Evening Course Voucher Private Lessons Voucher

Will you assess the student’s level?

Of course we will!

As soon as we contact the student we will arrange a chat to assess his level and suggest him the right group course.

For private lessons, the level will be assessed by the teacher in charge.

Easy, isn’t it?

So don’t wait any longer and buy this amazing gift!