Ready to learn Spanish in London?

If you want to learn Spanish in London and have already studied for around 60 hours, our Elementary 2 course is the next step to take.

This course will make you develop your abilities and get more confident as you will do a lot of practice and talk about many different topics with your classmates and teacher.

Communication will be the main focus and you will have the chance to use the language from the first lesson.

Let’s see the course contents in more detail!

The course starts with a useful revision of important topics to refresh and practice. For example Regular, Irregular and Stem-Changing Verbs, Indirect Pronouns and Indirect Verbs.

Then you will focus on the difference between Saber and Conocer and learn how to distinguish depending on the context.

After that, you will move on and study the Present Continuous, practicing with some nice activities and thinking on the difference between English and Spanish. Videos, songs and games will help you.

Finally, you will focus on the Present Perfect: you will learn how to make this past tense, then some irregulars and the adverbs position in combination with this tense.

You will talk a lot about past actions and experiences, learning useful vocabulary and expressions.

Learn Spanish in London at Happy Languages and see how good it can be!

What materials will you use?

You teacher will provide you with all the materials you will need throughout the course.

In addition, there is plenty of our Spanish online resources to go through: grammar tips, quiz, video tutorials, idiomatic expressions… you will never get bored!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start, you will have the best Spanish classes in London!