Raise your hand if you want to learn to speak Italian!

A lot of people want to learn to speak Italian during the lockdown: at Happy Languages, despite the pandemic, we have never stopped!

We have taught Italian online for 29 weeks now and we are happy about our student’s progress.

Teaching and learning on Zoom is definitely different than face to face, but we found it equally useful and enjoyable.

The Autumn term is about to end, so let’s see what our students are learning!

This is how our 29th week online went!

Beginner 1. Starting from scratch is quite hard: this is why a good revision is needed!

Our students pretended to have new identities to practise a basic conversation and ask personal information. Amazing!

Beginner 3. After some very intense weeks, we did a good revision of two important topics: the Passato Prossimo and the impersonal form.

Through games and activities, refreshing our knowledge was really fun!

Elementary 1. Our students revised the Imperfetto and talked about childhood experiences and memories. A lovely lesson!

Elementary 2. Talking about healthy and unhealthy habits, our students learnt the position of Pronouns with the Informal Imperative and gave advice to their classmates to have a healthier life!

Intermediate 2. Only one minute to write a sentence with “fare + infinito“: what a challenge for our students!

After this start we went through the sentences together to check if  everything was ok and tried to answer to some questions. Well done!

Advanced 4. Our students talked about good and bad behaviours on social networks, underlining some of the most common people’s good and bad habits. Great!

And now we are ready for the last week of the term!

See you on Monday!

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