During the lockdown, students at Happy Languages are still learning the Italian language.

Even if the setting has changed due to the Covid-19 emergency, they are making big progress in learning the Italian language.

Classes are held on Zoom, which is really a fantastic platform to use for education purposes.

Students are enjoying their lessons, learning new things and having fun together!

The 8th week online just finished: discover how it went!

In the Beginner 1 class students learnt the name of some professions and then practised some basic conversation.

And the Beginner 2 lesson was focused on booking a room in a hotel: students were really good at making reservations!

Our Beginner 3 students talked about stereotypes: they made a list of true and false stereotypes about their countries and then compared them all together. It was really fun!

The Elementary 1 class was all about colours and clothing: by the end of the lesson students were able to simulate a conversation in a shop and say what they liked or didn’t like.

The Elementary 3 lesson was focused on the Future Tense to make assumptions: a very specific use of the Future in Italian.

In our Intermediate 2 course students worked on all the specific verbs related to food preparation and cooking. They also discovered a delicious Italian recipe: the Tuscan “Pappa al pomodoro”!

Our Advanced 3 students practised If clauses introduced by different connectives making hypothesis about the different role of men and women in the modern society. A very good training!

So it was a very busy week!

Students will have the opportunity to consolidate what they learnt through homework and online resources to use.

And after the weekend they will be ready to start a new week and learn new things together!