Have you been learning Italian in London for a while?

If you are learning Italian in London and looking for a step up in your language journey, our Evening Intermediate course might be the right course for you.

For instance, you should enrol in this course if you have already studied Italian for around 90 hours.

What are you supposed to know?

At this stage you should have learned main topics as Present Tense, Direct and Indirect Pronouns, Formal and Informal Imperative, Passato Prossimo, Imperfetto, Present Conditional, Future Tense.

You should then be able to talk about yourself, your tastes, express opinions, give advice and suggestions, talk about a past experience or describe a past habit, express doubts and desires, make plans for the future.

If you feel confident about that, you are ready for the Intermediate course!

How will you move on?

After a revision of some important topics, you will start studying the Trapassato Prossimo: you will use it straight away telling a past misadventure and writing a formal letter of complain.

Then you will study some Pronominal Verbs and the difference between Sapere and Conoscere.

The Present Subjuntive will be introduced talking about environment and ecology: you will practise expressing your opinion about related topics.

Also, you will work on the Present Subjunctive talking about food habits and sports, distinguishing between the use of different tenses.

Then you will study the Passive Form with Essere and Venire and go through many activities to use it.

At an Intermediate level, you will be constantly motivated to use the language in different ways, discussing about several interesting topics and expressing your opinion.

Besides, you will have fun with lovely games that will help you speak in Italian in real situations.

Get a glimpse of our amazing Italian classes here.

Learning Italian in London will be so good!