Learning Italian in London has never been so fun!

Have you been learning Italian in London for a while?

Combining amazing teachers, lovely materials and enjoyable activities, our courses are a happy time to spend together after a long day at work.

If you have already attended around 30 hours of Italian, your next step is the Beginner 3 course.

Let’s see its structure!

The Beginner 3 is an evening course which is held once per week for 10 weeks.

Each lesson lasts 90 minutes and is thoroughly planned in order to make the most of the time spent at school.

You will focus on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and spoken communication and get more and more confidence in your skills.

Course contents.

The course starts with a revision of the Informal Imperative and of “C’è/Ci Sono” (there is/there are).

Then you will study Direct Object Pronouns and Demonstratives in order to describe objects.

Expressing your tastes is the following topic: you will go through the verb “Piacere” (to like) and study Indirect Pronouns.

Moving on, the first Past Tense will be introduced: you will learn how the Passato Prossimo works and you will practice talking about past events.

The Passato Prossimo will be a central topic of this course: you will go through its use and some irregular verbs to learn.

Also, you will study how it works with Reflexive Verbs and with Direct Pronouns.

Along the way, you will practice with loads of nice activities and fun games.


The course is planned with the aim of developing all the skills.

A nice mix of activities will keep you engaged and motivated and you will constantly speak Italian!

Our teachers are all fully qualified: as we are DITALS centre, we prepare them for the exam to get the DITALS certification (the international certification to teach Italian as a foreign language) and we train them constantly.

Through their communicative approach you will use the language from the very first lesson!

Do you want to refresh your Italian waiting for your Beginner 3 course?

Watch some nice video tutorials from our Youtube Channel!

Learning Italian in London will be a fantastic experience!