If your goal is learning Italian London offers an amazing range of courses and solutions.

If you are dreaming of learning Italian London is the place!

But what if you need to focus on your Italian in one week just before leaving for Italy?

Our intensive lessons are the perfect choice for you: blocks of 10, 15, 20 or 25 hours to be taken over a week to learn the basics or improve your Italian.

Why taking our Intensive One-To-One Classes?

Either if you are going to Italy for business, leaving for your holidays or meeting your Italian partner’s family and friends, this Intensive course is great when you have a short time to concentrate on your Italian and try to practice as much as you can. Also, this classes are incredibly useful if you are taking an Italian language exam and want to concentrate on it before the exam’s date.

Who will teach you?

Being DITALS centre (DITALS is the international certification to teach Italian as a foreign language released by the University for Foreigners of Siena) our Italian teachers are all fully qualified and constantly trained to keep our teaching standards high. Your individual Italian classes in London will give you the confidence to start speaking the language straight away.

How will the classes be planned?

After assessing your level, you will talk to your teacher about your specific needs in order to plan your intensive course thoroughly and cover all the most important topics. During the classes you will constantly keep an eye on your progress and on some new needs that might come up.

Where will you have your classes?

Depending on your preference, you will agree the location of your Italian tuitions in London with your teacher: you can have lesson at home, at your office if that is more convenient or even in a quiet public place that you like a lot!

Do you want to take classes with a friend or colleague?

That is absolutely fine and even more fun! If you prefer sharing your goals with someone, you will just add extra £5 per hour for each additional student. That’s really convenient, isn’t it?

I am pretty sure that you understand why for learning Italian London is so good!

If you are ready to book your Intensive One-To-One Classes contact us!

We will be happy to make your learning experience amazing!

Have a look at some lovely Italian tutorials to start your journey in Italian