At Happy Languages we keep learning Italian online!

Learning Italian from home is just perfect right now: taking a lesson after work from your sofa feels so good!

We have been offering online lessons for a while now: 25 weeks to be precise!

During these months we have had lesson on Zoom and our students have quickly adapted to this new way of learning.

Our Italian students enjoyed their classes so much this week!

Have a look at what they did!

Beginner 1. Students read some job ads and then wrote their own ad to offer or search for a job. That was amazing!

Beginner 3. The class was about food habits: our students compared what people normally do in Italy with their countries. Fantastic group work!

Elementary 1. Students worked on the Informal Imperative to give advice and on comparisons. They also talked about shopping centres , comparing their opinions and tastes. Well done!

Elementary 2. Good manners in public places were the core of this lesson: making a list of good behaviours was really fun!

Intermediate 2. A quite intense class for our students: they read a very interesting article about “book crossing” and then focused on the Passive Form. 

Advanced 4. Accidents in the outer space were a funny topic for our group of advanced learners! They made a hypothesis about a weird accident and then listened to the true story. Very challenging!

Now it’s time to study and practice through homework and our online resources.


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