Learning Spanish for Beginners means discovering lovely customs and traditions!

In this period of the year, while learning Spanish for Beginners students study many things about Easter (Pascua).

It is nice to learn some useful vocabulary and some nice customs to better understand how people live this important festivity. Going through the main celebrations it is possible to come across something unexpected!

Have you ever heard about  Malaga?

Easter in Malaga means a whole week of celebrations, like many other Spanish cities. But there is an intriguing tradition (tradición) you might have not heard about.

Every Easter Wednesday (Miercoles de Pascua), Spanish church pardons a prisoner (prisionero) who is freed during a popular celebration.

This tradition dates back to 1759, when a plague outbreak caused the cancellation of the Easter procession (procesión). Due to this suspension, prisoners broke open the prison to carry the statue of Jesus Christ through the streets. After this extemporary procession, all prisoners went back to their cells.

King Charles III, impressed by what happened, decided to free a prisoner every year. Since then, every Easter Wednesday a solemn ceremony takes place closed to Plaza de la Aduana in Malaga. The ceremony is part of the annual Nuestro Padre Jesus El Rico procession.

The prisoner kneels in front of the statue of Jesus: after the edict of liberation is read, he receives the blessing from ‘Jesús el Rico‘ (Jesus the Rich). Then he joins the procession and parades barefoot, with his face hidden.

Are you wondering how the prisoners are chosen?

Well, normally the inmate is chosen for good conduct among those convicted for minor crimes. It means that people jailed for blood crimes or condemned to high sentences have no hope to be taken into consideration for the amnesty.

Interesting tradition, isn’t it?

If you want to discover more about the Holy Week in Spain, follow this link.

You can also see some amazing pictures on our Pinterest board!



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