Is learning the Spanish language possible during the lockdown?

Our students are learning the Spanish Language online using the popular platform Zoom.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency, we quickly moved all our lessons online to keep going.

Time flies and…our 9th week online is gone!

Our students are enjoying the different mode and can’t wait to have lesson!

This is what they did during the last week.

In the Beginner 3 students revised some of the topics they have learnt so far, for example Demostrative Adjectives and some Interrogatives.

It’s good to go through some grammar again to consolidate it and do some specific activities that make you feel more confident!

Our Elementary 1 lesson was about biographies: students prepared some questions to ask to a classmate about the past and then then interviewed each other.

A great practice!

The Elementary 3 class was focused on how to use specific verbs with Indirect Pronouns.

Very challenging, but our students got by really well!

The Intermediate 3 course was also great: students worked hard on the Pretérito Imperfecto using it in different ways. Well done!

So much to do for our students!

Now they have their homework to do, which is really important to make sure they can easily put into practice the new topics.

We always encourage them to use the online resources and video tutorials to revise what they need and practise even more!

And we are ready for another amazing week at Happy Languages!

Are you?