Are you learning Spanish in London?

You might think that learning Spanish in London during the lockdown is complicated.

However, the Coronavirus emergency opened new doors and offered new solutions to keep learning.

At Happy Languages, our 7th week online was fantastic!

Students are now accustomed to this new mode and enjoy their classes as much as face-to-face.

Taking online classes is a great way to continue your learning experience and also to cultivate your passion for the Spanish language.

Also, having a chat with your classmates and teacher after work is so good!

Have a look at what our students have learnt during their last lesson!

The Beginner 3 lesson was about clothing vocabulary and agreement between article and noun.

In the Elementary 1 class, students learnt how to tell a love story using the right past verbs.

Our Elementary 3 students went through some irregular verbs called “verbos sombrero“, all irregular in the first person.

Also, they studied the difference between “saber” and “conocer” and practised through nice activities.

The Intermediate 2 lesson was focused on the use of Direct Object Pronouns with Reflexive Verbs.

It was hard but our students were really great at that!

In the Intermediate 3 class, our students practised the Pretérito Indefinido writing their biography.

Such a nice activity!

So our 7th week online was really busy!

Students have their homework to do between lessons.

This is very important to keep using the language and put into practice grammar and vocabulary.

And they can’t wait for the next class!

Don’t forget to have a look at our free online resources to revise some topics and discover other lovely features of the Spanish language.

And get ready for next week!