Learning Spanish online can be really fun!

If you are learning Spanish online during the lockdown, on top of some classes you can find many resources to use during your free time.

And one of the most interesting things to do is expanding your vocabulary, learning new useful words to use.

Taking words from what you read or hear might be the key to learn something essential in everyday communication.

However, sometimes memorising a word is not enough: it’s essential to put it in a context and see how we can use it.

Curious to know what word of the week we chose?

The work of the week is “desafío“: a very important word in everybody’s life, as it means “challenge”.

learning Spanish online from resources


Here you can go through some examples.

Spanish English
Es un verdadero desafío para mí mudarme a otro país y dejar atrás a mi familia. For me moving to another country and leave my family behind is a real challenge.
No hay mayor desafío que el estudio de la filosofía. There is no greater challenge than the study of philosophy.
Las nuevas tecnologías son un desafío para muchas personas. New technologies are a challenge for many people.

So what’s your current challenge?

Think about that and start making other sentences: at the beginning it might be hard, but then it will get easier!

Enjoy this lovely activity!


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