a list of basic Italian verbs in Italian

Learning some basic Italian verbs is really useful!

If you have just started learning Italian from scratch, having a look at some basic Italian verbs might help you a lot, especially considering that the first Italian verbs that you study are all irregular! This means that they don’t follow a regular pattern and seem quite different from each other.

For example, essere, avere, fare, andare and venire are among the first verbs that you come across and the Present Tense is irregular.

Let’s go through the Present Tense of these five verbs!

First of all, essere: it means “to be” and is used at the very beginning to introduce yourself. For example, you can say “sono Lucia” (I am lucia) or “sono brasiliano” (I am brazilian).

Io Sono
Tu Sei 
Lui/Lei È
Noi Siamo
Voi Siete
Loro Sono


Avere means “to have” and one of the first uses that you learn is saying your age: “quanti anni hai?” (how old are you?) / “ho 23 anni” (I am 23 years old).

Io Ho
Tu Hai
Lui/Lei Ha
Noi Abbiamo
Voi Avete
Loro Hanno


Then we have fare, which means “to do, to make” and is useful to say what is your job: you can say “faccio l’insegnante” (I am a teacher) or ask “che lavoro fai?” (what’s your job?).

Io Faccio
Tu Fai
Lui/Lei Fa
Noi Facciamo
Voi Fate
Loro Fanno



Andare is another basic Italian verb: it means “to go”, so you can use it to say “vado al parco” (I go to the park) or to ask “dove vai?” (where are you going?).

Io Vado
Tu Vai
Lui/Lei Va
Noi Andiamo
Voi Andate
Loro Vanno


Another verb that you will use a lot in basic conversation is venire, “to come”: for example “vengo da Roma” (I come from Rome).

Io Vengo
Tu Vieni
Lui/Lei Viene
Noi Veniamo
Voi Venite
Loro Vengono

And now, let’s go through a list of very useful verbs!

  • mangiare –> to eat
  • chiamare –> to call
  • viaggiare –> to travel
  • ordinare –> to order
  • comprare –> to buy
  • cucinare –> to cook
  • camminare –> to walk
  • mettere –> to put
  • scrivere –> to write
  • leggere –> to read
  • vivere –> to live
  • correre –> to run
  • conoscere –> to know
  • decidere –> to decide
  • dormire –> to sleep
  • partire –> to depart
  • uscire –> to exit/to go out
  • finire –> to finish
  • capire –> to understand
  • pulire –> to clean
  • aprire –> to open

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