Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative Adjectives (Aggettivi Dimostrativi) point out the position of specific people or things in time and space.

They modify the noun to express the relation between the speaker and the person or thing mentioned.

This relation can be understood only considering the general context.

In Italian, the main Demonstrative Adjectives are questo (this) and quello (that).

Both agree with the noun they refer to.

Questo expresses vicinity to the speaker in terms of space, time, or refers to what is just about to be said or what people are talking about.

Maschile Femminile
Singolare Questo Questa
Plurale Questi Queste


Look at some examples!

Italian English
Ho letto questo libro. I read this book.
Ricorderò sempre questi giorni. I will always remember these days.
Mi dai un consiglio su questa situazione? Can you give me advice about this situation?


Quello expresses distance from all the speakers in terms of space, time, or refers to something that has already been said.

Maschile Femminile
Singolare Quello / Quel / Quell’ Quella / Quell’
Plurale Quelli / Quei / Quegli Quelle


As you may have noticed, Quello changes depending on the noun it refers to, similarly to an article.

For example, we use quello studente (that student), quell’albero (that tree), quei vestiti (that clothes), quell’amica (that girlfriend), and so on.

Here you can see how to use it!

Italian English
Guarda quel negozio, ha appena aperto. Look at that shop, it just opened.
Ricordi quella volta che siamo andati a Roma in macchina? Do you remember that time when we went to Rome by car?
Sono andata al concerto con quei ragazzi che ti ho presentato la settimana scorsa. I went to the concert with that guys I introduced to you last week.


The Demonstrative Adjective Codesto, which expresses distance from the speaker and vicinity to the person he talks to, has been widely replaced by Quello and is still used only in Tuscany.

So now you can practice the Demonstrative Adjectives making some more examples!

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