Direct Pronouns

Have you studied the direct object pronouns in Italian?

The direct object pronouns replace the object (thing or person) and take the place of the noun.

For example:

  • Mangio una mela. La mangio. (I eat an apple. I eat it.)
  • Lei chiama suo fratello. Lo chiama. (She calls her brother. She calls him.)
  • Compro i libri. Li compro. (I buy some books. I buy them.)
  • Indosso le scarpe da ginnastica. Le indosso. (I wear trainers. I wear them.)

Did you see?

The pronoun can be masculine (Lo – his brother) or feminine (La – una mela), it depends on the gender of the object it refers to. Look:

SINGULAR                 PLURAL

Mi (me)                          ci (us)

ti (you)                            vi (you)

lo (him)                           li (them masc.)

la (her)                            le (them fem.)


Read more examples!

Mi accompagni al cinema? Sì, ti accompagno. (Do you accompany me to the cinema? Yes, I accompany you)

Quando mi chiami? Ti chiamo domani. (When do you call me? I call you tomorrow)

Avete programmi per sabato? Vi invito alla mia festa. (Any plans for Saturday? I invite you to my party)

Arriviamo in aeroporto domani, ci vieni a prendere? (We arrive at the airport tomorrow, will you pick us up?)


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