¡Los números!

Imagine how life would be had numbers not been invented. Most people would claim it would be an incalculable mess… literally! For a start, we could not count, nor could we order book pages or identify people and objects based on their identity documents and barcodes respectively. In a numberless world, we would not be able to measure anything, nor could we organize meetings as we would not be able to read the time. Similarly, we would not know which bus to take to go places, we could not call anyone nor could we learn things’ prices, let alone being able to use money. A dreadful scenario indeed! We are then unquestionably way better off with numbers as an essentially omnipresent component of our lives.

Here are los números desde (from) el 1 hasta (to) el 20:

Numbers Words
1 Uno
2 Dos
3 Tres
4 Cuatro
5 Cinco
6 Seis
7 Siete
8 Ocho
9 Nueve
10 Diez
11 Once
12 Doce
13 Trece
14 Catorce
15 Quince
16 Dieciséis
17 Diecisiete
18 Dieciocho
19 Diecinueve
20 Veinte
  1. Note -ce pattern at the end
  2. Note dieci- pattern at the beginning

As we move on to the twenties, los números desde el 21 hasta el 29 observe a slight change as shown below:

Numbers Words
21 Veintiuno
22 Veintidós
23 Veintitrés
24 Veinticuatro
25 Veinticinco
26 Veintiséis
27 Veintisiete
28 Veintiocho
29 Veintinueve

Note the final -e from veintbecomes -i then units are added to form one word

Finally, to form numbers between 31 and 99 we simply place the conjunction y (and) after each set of ten followed by the unit:

Numbers Words
30 Treinta
31 Treinta y uuno
32 Treinta y dos
33 Treinta y tres
40 Cuarenta
44 Cuarenta y cuatro
50 Cincuenta
55 Cincuenta y cinco


Numbers Words
60 Sesenta
66 Sesenta y seis
70 Setanta
77 Setanta y siete
80 Ochenta
88 Ochenta y ocho
90 Noventa
99 Noventa y nueve


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