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Indefinite Adjectives Part 1 is a focus on a specific group of adjectives.

In this useful grammar tip, Indefinite Adjectives Part 1, we are going to learn a specific group of Indefinite Adjectives (Aggettivi Indefiniti).

These adjectives normally refer to something or someone in a general and indeterminate way.

However, we can distinguish 4 types of Indefinite Adjectives in Italian.

Let’s discover more!

The first group of adjectives refer to a person or a thing individually.

These examples will clarify what we mean:

Italian English
Ho ancora qualche documento da firmare. I still have some documents to sign.
Alcuni amici vanno in vacanza domani. Some friends go on holidays tomorrow.
Secondo certe testimonianze, Marco è ancora in Italia. According to some testimonies, Marco is still in Italy.
I vicini hanno fatto un tale rumore da dover chiamare la polizia. The neighbours made such a noise that I had to call the police.
Ieri non sono uscita con Gianni e Paolo, mi hanno invitata altri amici. Yesterday I didn’t go out with Gianni and Paolo, other friends invited me.
Non mettere il naso nei fatti altrui. Don’t stick your nose in other people’s business.


Be careful!

The adjective qualche is also followed by a singular noun.

If we want to make it plural, we can use alcuni.

For example:

Qualche amico –> Alcuni amici

The adjective certo is indefinite only when used before the noun.

If it follows the noun, it means “certain, sure”.

For example:

certe testimonianze –> some testimonies

testimonianze certe –> certain testimonies

And now, try to make some other examples!

It would be very useful to get familiar with these adjectives and their use.

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