Grammar tip ita

Indefinite Adjectives Part 3 is a focus on a specific group of adjectives.

Indefinite Adjectives Part 3 follows Indefinite Adjectives Part 1 and Part 2.

As we said, Indefinite Adjectives modify nouns in a very general and indeterminate way.

In this grammar tip we concentrate on  those adjectives that refer to a general quantity.

Therefore this group of adjectives expresses a non specific quantity.

Let’s go through some examples!

Italian English
Ieri sono andato al centro commerciale, per fortuna c’era poca gente. Yesterday I went to the shopping centre, luckily there was few people.
Tanti studenti si sono laureati nella sessione estiva. A lot of students graduated in the summer session.
Se vuoi fare questa torta hai bisogno di molti ingredienti. If you want to make this cake you need many ingredients.
Non mi piace vivere in questa città, c’è troppo inquinamento. I don’t like living in this city, there is too much pollution.
Laura sta aspettando Federico da parecchio tempo. Laura has been waiting for Federico for quite some time.
Ho voglia di visitare la Spagna e altrettanta voglia di visitare la Francia. I want to visit Spain as much as I want to visit France.


Would you be able to use some of these adjectives?

Try to write some more examples and share them with your classmates to practise!

And if you want to learn more Italian grammar, have a look at our online resources or watch some lovely video tutorials!


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