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After the first three groups of Indefinite Adjectives, you are now ready for Indefinite Adjectives Part 4!

Indefinite Adjectives Part 4 is focused on the last group of this specific category.

As you probably know, these adjectives refer to someone or something in a non-specific sense.

If you want to study the previous groups, have a look at Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

The 4th group consists of Indefinite Adjectives that give a negative meaning to the sentence.

Have a look at these examples!

Italian English
Non c’è nessun appartamento disponibile. There are no flats available.
Nessun computer sembra funzionare. None of the computers seems to be working.
In quel seggio elettorale hanno contato molte schede nulle. In that polling station they counted a lot of invalid ballot papers.
Non c’è alcun bisogno di litigare. There isn’t any reason to argue.


In the table you can see that if the adjective nessuno is after the verb, it does require “non” before the verb.

However, if it is before the verb, it doesn’t need another negative.

On top of that, adjectives ending in –uno follow the same rules as for the Indefinite Article: nessuno studente, nessuna casa, nessun parco, nessun’amica.

And now it’s your turn!

Try to make sentences using these adjectives in different forms, masculine or feminine, singular or plural!

It’s the first step to get familiar with them and speed up your progress!

And if you have time to practice your Italian, why don’t you watch some nice Italian video tutorials from our Youtube channel?


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