Indirect Pronouns in Italian


Indirect object pronouns answer the questions: to what? for what? to whom or for whom?

  • Ex: Scrivo una lettera. A chi? A Tom. (I write a letter. To whom? To Tom.)

In this case Tom is the indirect object. To make it shorter and avoid repetitions we can replace the noun Tom with an indirect object pronoun: let’s see how:

  • Scrivo una lettera a Tom. Gli scrivo una lettera. (I write a letter to Tom. I write a letter to him)

Do you see? The noun Tom has been replaced with the indirect object pronoun “gli“. The indirect object pronoun takes the gender and number of the noun it replaces and it’s always before the object of the sentence.

  • Margherita regala un maglione a Tina. Margherita le regala un maglione. (M. gives Tina a jumper. She gives it to her.)
  • Per halloween i vicini danno caramelle ai bambini. I vicini regalano loro caramelle. (For Halloween the neighbours give candies to kids. The neighbours give candies to them)

SINGULAR                           PLURAL

mi (to/for) me                          ci (to/for) us

ti (to/for) you                           vi (to/for) you

gli (to/for) him                         loro (to/for) them

le (to/for) her


  • A lavoro ci offrono il caffè. (At workplace they offer us coffee.)
  • Per il tuo compleanno ti regalo un cellulare. (For your birthday I’ll give you a mobile.)
  • Mia sorella mi spiega come fare la torta tenerina. (My sister explains to me how to make a tenerina cake.)

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