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If you are an Advanced student, the Infinito is an important Italian grammar topic.

This Italian grammar tip is focused on some uses of the Infinito in main clauses.

As you probably know, the Infinito includes only two tenses: Present and Past.

It can be used in a number of secondary clauses as well as in main clauses.

Let’s have a look!

In the table below you can find examples for some uses of the Infinito in main clauses.

Italian English
1) Che dire? What can I say?
2) E pensare che sembravi così simpatico! And think that you seemed to be so nice!
3) Cuocere per venti minuti. Cook for twenty minutes.
4) Averlo saputo prima! If only I had known that before!
5) Ecco arrivare l’ambasciatore. Here comes the ambassador.


  1. We can use the Infinito in direct interrogative clauses where it expresses a doubt.
  2. The Infinito can be used in exclamative clauses to express a sort of nostalgic thought or even anger.
  3. In the example we can see an impersonal use of the Infinito, which replaces an Imperativo and is used to address people in general giving instructions.
  4. The Infinito Passato in the sentence expresses an unrealised desire.
  5. In the last example, ecco + Infinito expresses something that happens abruptly.


Can you write other five examples, one for each use we learnt?

It’s challenging but really useful!

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