Grammar tip ita

Have you ever found the structure Stare Per Plus Infinitive in Italian?

Stare Per Plus Infinitive is a structure that we commonly use in Italian.

It expresses an action that is about to happen or that you are about to do the next moment.

It is possible to use this structure conjugating Stare in different tenses depending on the context.

So you can express something that you are about to do in the near future or something that you were about to do in the past.

Similarly, you can use it to say that in the future you will be about to do something.

Let’s see some examples!

Italian English
Laura sta per uscire di casa. Laura is about to leave her house.
Devi sbrigarti, il treno sta per partire! Hurry up, the train is about to depart!
Luca e Gianni stavano per entrare in ufficio quando li ho incontrati.  Luca and Gianni were about to enter in the office when I met them.
Domani a quest’ora starò per atterrare a New York. Tomorrow at this time I will be about to land in New York.


Be careful!

This structure is very different from Stare Plus Gerundio, which expresses an action in progress.

Why don’t you make some examples too?

It is definitely the best way to understand how to use it!

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