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Have you come across the form Stare Plus Gerundio in Italian?

The structure Stare plus Gerundio in Italian is a progressive form of the verb.

If we refer it to the present, we use it to express an ongoing action that is happening now.

How does it work?

We use the Present Tense of Stare and the Gerundio of the main verb.

This is the conjugation of Stare:

io sto
tu stai
lui/lei sta
noi stiamo
voi state
loro stanno

And now let’s see the Gerundio Presente of regular verbs:

Regular Verbs Gerundio
 Arrivare  Arrivando
 Scrivere Scrivendo
 Partire  Partendo

Here you have some common irregular verbs:

Irregular verbs Gerundio
Fare Facendo
Bere Bevendo
Dire Dicendo

The Gerundio Presente has only one form, so it doesn’t change.

Let’s see some examples!

Italian English
  • Cosa stai facendo?
  • Sto mangiando un panino.
  • What are you doing?
  • I’m eating a sandwich.
Luca sta andando in stazione a prendere il treno. Luca is going to the station to take the train.
In questo momento i miei colleghi non possono rispondere a telefono, stanno lavorando. My colleagues can’t pick up the phone right now, they are working.
Marina oggi non esce, sta studiando per l’esame. Today Marina doesn’t go out, she’s studying for the exam.


This progressive form is very similar to the Present Continuous in English.

It’s quite easy, try to make a sentence!

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