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After Stare Plus Gerundio Part One, have a look at Stare Plus Gerundio Part Two in Italian!

Stare Plus Gerundio Part Two is useful to find out how to use the progressive form of the verb in the past.

As we refer it to the past, it expresses ongoing actions at a certain time in the past.

Let’s see how to make this form of the verb!

We use the Imperfetto of stare and the Gerundio Presente of the main verb.

Here you have the conjugation of the Imperfetto of stare:

io stavo
tu stavi
lui/lei stava
noi stavamo
voi stavate
loro stavano


This is the Gerundio Presente of regular verbs:

Gerundio Presente
Arrivare  Arrivando
Scrivere  Scrivendo
Partire  Partendo


And the Gerundio Presente of some irregular verbs:

Gerundio Presente
Fare Facendo
Bere Bevendo
Dire Dicendo


The Gerundio Presente has only one form, so we don’t need to change it.

Now let’s go through some examples!

Italian English
Ieri stavo camminando nel parco quando ho incontrato Anna. Yesterday I was walking in the park when I met Anna.
Quando sono andata via dall’ufficio, Luca e Mirella stavano ancora lavorando. When I left the office Luca and Mirella were still working.

– Che cosa stavate facendo quando vi ho chiamato?

– Stavamo ascoltando la musica.

– What were you doing when I called you?

– We were listening to the music.


Now you can try making another example with Stare Plus Gerundio in the past!

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