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In Italian we have two types of Superlative Adjectives.

The first type is the Superlativo Relativo (Relative Superlative).

It expresses that something has a quality to the maximum or minimum extent compared with other items.

Let’s go through some examples!

Italian English
La Sicilia è la più grande isola d’Italia. Sicily is the biggest Italian island.
Queste ricette sono le più buone del ristorante. These recipes are the best of the restaurant.
Mio fratello è il meno giovane dei suoi amici. My  brother is the less young of his friends.

We use the following structure:

Definite article + più/meno + adjective + di

The second type of Superlative Adjectives is the Superlativo Assoluto (Absolute Superlative).

It expresses the maximum level of a quality, without comparison.

Here you have some examples to understand it better!

Italian English
Laura è bellissima. Laura is very beautiful.
Questo vino è buonissimo. This wine is really good.
Le scarpe che ho comprato sono comodissime. The shoes I bought are very comfortable.

As you can see in the examples, the Superlativo Assoluto is very easy to make: we just need to add the suffix -issimo to the base form of the adjective.

It always agrees with the noun it refers to, so we can have -issimo, -issima, -issimi and -issime.

Some adjectives have two different Superlative forms!

Adjective Superlativo Relativo Superlativo Assoluto

il più buono

il migliore




il più cattivo

il peggiore




il più grande

il maggiore




il più piccolo

il minore




Be careful: in the second form of the Superlativo Relativo we don’t need to use più or meno!

Now you can start practicing!

Why don’t you make a couple of sentences and use the two types of Superlatives?

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