Ready for St.Patrick’s Day?

The Irish know how to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day on the 17th March!

However, this festivity is quite important in every country with a huge Irish community.

In many cities around the world you will see groups of people wearing green clothing and hats, since in Ireland green is the national colour. The green colour is also associated to St.Patrick, who explained the Holy Trinity with a three-leafed clover.

St.Patrick’s Day is a religious festivity, did you know?

It celebrates the saint patron of Ireland, who brought the Christianity in Ireland in the 5th century A.D. In 1903 in Waterford the first parade took place. Since then, this festivity became a national holiday.

The amazing celebrations in honour of St.Patrick got more and more popular and in 1916 groups of volunteers planned the festivity throughout the country.

It was a memorable day! From 1931, the parades are funded by the Government.

So how to celebrate properly?

Well, you must take part in a parade to fully enjoy this day! Wear something green, put a clover (symbol of the Trinity) on your hat and go with the flow!

In London you can celebrate from the 15th to the 17th March in Trafalgar square: parades, dancing, shows and even a film festival!

In Boston, the most Irish city in the US, the celebrations are so spectacular that attract a huge crowd and are broadcast live in TV.

In Chicago, the river will be dyed green! You can take part in the parade and go to some lovely shows and events.

In Sydney, The Rocks will turn into an Irish village with music and a lovely market.

In New York the Empire State Building is going green! Also, a massive parade will march down the Fifth Avenue.

And there is not all: Munich, Toronto, Cape Town, Auckland, Tokyo and other cities have organised an amazing day to celebrate drinking a good Guinness!

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Where will you spend your St.Patrick’s Day?