Have you ever joined a language meet-up?

If you’re studying a foreign language you would definitely like taking part in a language meet-up.

Why? First of all it’s a great opportunity to actually practice the language you’re studying. Learning a new language can be a bit tricky and books and grammar rules by themselves are not enough. A language is something real, alive, always changing, used by people who change it according to accents and dialects inflections.

So if you want to learn a language there’s nothing better than listening to people who speak it and having the chance to face directly different accents and different pronunciations. Sometimes it is challenging but it’s worth it!

Learning while having fun!

Talking to other people is very useful to learn how to be fluent, to correct your mistakes and it’s also a great chance to meet new friends, people you’ll keep seeing and practicing the language with, sharing thoughts and opinions.

language meet up

Meeting new people with the same interest as our is an important aspect: most of the time learning a language is hard also because we don’t know where we can speak it apart from the lessons we take. Having someone to talk to makes everything easier!

Moreover, let’s not forget the fun side! Events and language meet-ups are a very good excuse to party! Can you imagine something better than learning while having fun? Receiving a smile is always the best gift you can get.

So, stay tuned on our website and don’t miss the next event or language meet-up. You’ll be glad to join us!

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