How will Italians celebrate the Liberation Day 2020?

The Liberation Day 2020 in Italy is going to be very different from what we are used to.

As you probably know, the Liberation Day falls on 25th April and it’s a national holiday.

The 25th April 1945 marks the liberation of Italy from nazi-fascism and the victory of partisans and allied troops.

It’s a very important celebration that takes place every year all around Italy.

Normally there are a lot of events, commemorations, concerts, parades in most Italian cities.

Unfortunately this year nothing of that will be possible due to the Coronavirus emergency and consequent lockdown.

However, there are a lot of alternative ways to celebrate!

It’s not possible to gather in squares and streets, but we can still honour this important day.

So for the first time “Bella ciao”, song symbol of the Resistance, will be sung from balconies at 3pm and all the usual events take place on the Internet.

The main Italian newspapers organised the event #iorestolibero #iorestolibera, in streaming from 2.30pm.

Many personalities will take part in the event and popular artists and singers will give their contribute with live performances.

Sky Arte will broadcast a great documentary about partisan women who made the difference during the war, with important testimonies and historic documents.

Many other events in streaming will be live on Facebook, for example the one organised by ARCI (a big cultural and social advancement association) with the participation of many actors and singers.

The Fondazione Feltrinelli has started a live event on their Facebook page from 9.30pm with a lot of readings and interviews to talk about the meaning of this day.

And, last but not least, Partigiani in Ogni Quartiere created a virtual concert starting at 6.30pm with amazing singers that will go on with their performances until 10pm.

A great program to celebrate!

Have a look and enjoy!