Ready to start your long term Italian classes in London?

If you have reached the Intermediate level in Italian, we have the right long term Italian classes in London for you!

At Happy Languages, the Intermediate level is split in three courses: Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Intermediate 3.

Depending on the contents you covered, you can choose the course for you.

And if you are not sure about the course to choose, contact us and we will be happy to help!

Who are our teachers?

All our teachers are fully qualified and periodically trained.

They will thoroughly plan each course and select the best materials to help you progress.

What is the focus of our Intermediate courses?

In the Intermediate 1 Course you will learn the Trapassato Prossimo and work on the difference between Passato Prossimo, Imperfetto and Trapassato prossimo talking about past experiences, leisure activities and holidays.

Then you will move to the Congiuntivo Presente and go through topics like ecology, pollution, environment, personal habits.

You will also study the impersonal form with “si” and the passive form of the verb.

Furthermore, you will focus on the conjunctions “che” and “di” and on the interrogative pronoun “chi“.

In the Intermediate 2 Course you will work on Relative Pronouns.

You will focus on expressing and reporting opinions, agreeing the subjunctive with the main clause.

Then you will learn First,  Second and Third Type If clauses, Gerundio Presente and Gerundio Passato.

In the Intermediate 3 Course you will practice the Congiuntivo Imperfetto in If clauses.

Besides, you will practice Indefinite Pronouns and several conjunctions with subjunctive.

A big attention will be paid to the agreement between main and secondary clauses.

In terms of topics, you will talk about migration, outskirts, science and Italian curiosities.

Along the way you can use our online resources to practice more and watch some video tutorials on our Youtube channel.

It’s time to enrol, we will be waiting for you in September!