Long term Spanish classes in London are the perfect choice to learn Spanish.

If you are looking for long term Spanish classes in London from September, we are plenty of courses!

From the 23rd September our new term will start.

So either if you are resume after the summer break or you are totally new to Happy Languages, you can find the course for you.

Not sure about your level?

Contact us and we will be happy to help: a native teacher will assess your level through an informal chat to make sure that you will choose the right course.

All our courses starting in September will take place once per week from 7pm to 8.30pm for 10 weeks.

It means that after your day at work you will have the possibility to enjoy your Spanish lesson!

What if you have never studied Spanish?

No problems at all!

You can start from scratch with our Beginner 1 course, perfect for students who are starting their journey.

This course will help you build the basis and practice with a variety of lovely group activities.

Working together with other students will make your experience much more enjoyable!

Your teacher will surprise you with role-plays and games to make you practice every topic you study.

Also, teachers will always encourage you to speak using the grammar and vocabulary that you know.

Speaking Spanish from the first lesson is essential to get more confident!

Between lessons you will have homework to do in order to consolidate your knowledge.

In addition, you can go through our useful online resources and video tutorials, even to practice your pronunciation.

Getting the chance to immerse yourself in the Spanish language is the best way to progress!

So if you are ready to start this adventure reserve your place!